Pastor Joseph Ricohermoso

Though Pastor Joseph and his wife, Jo Ann, started ministering at the Assembly Kyoto Church since July 2006, he officially took the reins of AKC’s international congregation in January 2007. The breadth of his responsibilities include among others, pastoral ministry, doing Bible Studies in university campuses, teaching English as a second language, and more recently, overseeing the growing ministry to Filipinos and their families in the Kansai region.

Pastor Joseph and his wife are both affiliated with the International Teams Philippines (ITP), a mission organization that is based in the Philippines but has organizational and historical links with other International Teams in other parts of the world such as Australia, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the USA. []

When their schedule permits, Pastor Joseph enjoys chatting and having coffee with his wife at a coffee shop that suits their fancy.




Sis. Jo Ann Ricohermoso

Sis. Jo Ann is a missionary in her own right. She has a Bachelor of Theology degree from Febias College of Bible in the Philippines and has majored in Missions. She has varied experiences in doing ministry including a stint as the national president of the Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines (ABCCOP) Women’s organization.

Currently, she works as an ALT yet continues to minister with Pastor Joseph at the Assembly Kyoto Church as an all-around-behind-the-scenes specialist.

She married her husband in 1994 and the Lord has blessed them with three children: Jodie, Josh and Joyce.

As long as it doesn’t require much walking, she enjoys serving people both inside and outside the four walls of the church.



Joseph & Jo Ann

Joseph & Jo Ann



Pastor Jake De Guzman

Jake is from the Philippines and has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He first came to Japan in March 2007 and served as an English teacher in Otsu Assembly Christ Church (Otsu City, Shiga Prefectiure). After serving there for seven years, he decided to go back to his home country to pursue his graduate studies at Asian Theological Seminary.

Jake joined our AKC team in June 2017 and is currently involved in both English and Filipino ministries.



Senior Pastor Keiko Murakami

Pastor Keiko Murakami assumed AKC's senior leadership in November 2017.  She hails from a family of ministers. Her 92 year old father is a retired pastor, her mother (now deceased) was also a minister, her husband, Hisoka, used to be the church's senior pastor before relinquishing the position to Satoshi Nagasawa, and their youngest child, Wataru, is also one of the workers in the church.

Pastor Keiko is a gifted administrator and teacher. She brings into the church a wealth of experience and is quite pragmatic in her leadership style.